Personal Training at Club Room Fitness!

  • Personal Training at Club Room Fitness

Fun workouts make you feel good about yourself by releasing endorphin’s. When working out is combined with healthy eating you will feel the effects immediately and see results within three months of regular training 2-3 times a week.


  • The Workout

Each workout session is 30 minutes. Everyone has different goals and expectations. I will guide you through a routine created to address your own personal goals and needs; physical and emotional. To keep your muscles guessing and your body responding, each workout is different – you will never have the same routine twice.


  • Food & Nutrition

I will also provide you nutritional guidance because there is no denying the importance of food. I believe in a diet where food is prepared in its most natural form. I do not believe in prescription diets, pills or any scam that promises unrealistic results.


  • Free Consultation

At your initial consultation, we will set up a time for your first appointment. I encourage you to come 10 minutes early to warm up and change. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started, contact me today for a free consultation.

Sessions Include

  • • 30 min 1 on 1 training
  • • Body Fat Analysis
  • • Cardio equipment (elliptical trainer, stationary bike)
  • • Suspension training
  • • Water fountain
  • • Separate private bathroom
  • • Nutritional Guidance
  • • Customized cardio routines
  • • Travel workouts
  • • Endless motivation.

It’s my greatest pleasure turning your day around for the better

Fun workouts that make you feel good about yourself. We all know that not every day can be great, but it is proven that working out releases endorphins in your brain, which guaranties that you will feel better after your workout. I will guide you through a 30 minute workout routine that will not just depend on your physical needs but also your emotional ones. Sometimes even clients that come in with a headache leave with a smile on their face.

Compared to others:

I will keep you accountable to keep showing up to your set appointments, even after you signed up. Instead of cancelling we reschedule. I won’t try to sell you t-shirts and supplements, but I will ask you what you had for breakfast and what you did for cardio yesterday. It is important to look beyond short term goals like losing weight, and focus on long lasting lifestyle changes as well.

What’s different?

My approach to functional training makes for a well-rounded fitness program considering all aspects of life. Whatever your background is, I can help you build on that in a safe and private environment. One on one training will target your specific goals and eliminates the guess work for you. All the attention will be on you and your progress. You soon will feel the effects in your daily life. Carrying groceries will become easier and you won’t get out of breath as quickly chasing your dog.